Back to School- Issy

Back to School Sessions ARE AWESOME!  I could not be more excited to host an event themed around back to school NEXT year. Yes. Next. I was a little late with the idea this I borrowed a few cuties to test it out. The first attempt we were rained out.  But....these images are totally worth the rain out. I decided the weather just wanted us to have a perfect day.  The sun was perfect. The colors were perfect. And of course my model was perfect.  I look at these images and I feel like I am in a fairy tale. Seriously.  There is a warmth and feeling to these images that just makes me happy.  Please remember School Photos do not have to be Ugly. The point is to have photos taken. But there is no rule that says you have to buy the school cookie cutter images. If you are excited about the possibility of something more and something different...Come see me!  And keep your eyes peeled for a special event next school year. Here is just a few from Issy's beautiful session! Thanks to Issy for being an AWESOME model for me!