Mommy Workshop- One on One

This last week I had my first one on one workshop with a fellow Mommy (instead of a full class).  And at the end of the two hour session all I could think was I am ready to do some more!  What A BLAST!  I had such a great time teaching and I believe the one on one was better for both me and my student. I have decided to offer more of these if any of you are interested in a little one on one time with me. This is NOT intended for pro photographers or anyone trying to become a pro. This would just be for those of you who are looking for tips and tricks on photographing your OWN kids.  That can be a challenge all in itself and I will help give you some tips and tricks on that. I will also help with camera settings, lighting, posing and composition.  These sessions will be two hours for $59.00 and you must provide a model (if you are not able to get a model please let me know. I will charge a little extra if I need to get us one). I wanted to show a little of the results from Amy's workshop.  Amy brought her 5 year old who was Perfect for us.  I was very impressed that she was able to hang with us for two hours with no problem (hint...if you are bringing your child to model this was a good age. I would shy away from bringing your two year old or a child who needs your undivided need to be able to learn too).  I worked with Amy on both indoor lighting (not studio lighting so don't worry) and then also shooting outdoors both in the shade and in the sun.  I took a "few" photos but this is supposed to be a hands on workshop for you to be able to use your tool (camera) and hopefully end up with some great shots to take home.  Amy ROCKED it! Seriously.  In fact...I asked her to send me a couple images and she sent several as she couldn't pick just one! I consider this a SUCCESS!  I wanted to share a couple of Amy's photos. These are straight out of the camera with zero photoshop....Still pretty fabulous right?

We played a bit with her camera color settings which is why you see a few differences here. And that includes shooting in Black and White...Dont knock it...It can be quite fabulous :)

I only took a couple shots as I mentioned but I thought it would be fun to post a few.  These are not straight out of the camera of course. I did need to put a little Bliss Love on them...

A HUGE Thank you to both Amy and her daughter for coming up to learn (and model) and for letting me share a couple of your images. For those of you who are still not convinced here is part of the follow up email I received from Amy...

"I've read books, taken an online course, but this was the best thing I've ever done to learn more about my camera!" -Amy

So what do you think? Sound exciting? Pop me an email or call if you are interested in setting up a one on one!


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