Multnomah Days 2012

We did it! This Saturday was our 3rd year participating in Multnomah Days!  We walk in the parade as well as have a booth.  I was so thankful that it was not 100 degrees out as it had been the few days before. Now...the rain could have waited until after the parade but at least it was only light sprinkles. I wasnt worried about anyone getting wet...but the prints getting wet? Not so good.  But we survived and it was FABULOUS!  I can not even begin to tell you how proud I was as I walked (for the first time! Im usually in the booth) in the parade and would look back and see all my kids/families with their wagons. They were all there to support Bliss. Makes.Me.So.Happy!  I know I have told everyone thank you but it cant hurt to tell you again. I can not Thank everyone enough for the love and support. Seriously. Thank you for being there for me and supporting Bliss!  You guys ROCK! I didnt take my camera to the event (okay...I might have had a few too many things to remember! ha) But we had our trusty iphones and I will still able to snap a few photos!

First we have the balloons at 7am! We had to get the balloons a day early and I told Dan they would not be floating by morning. Well....Clearly he won the bet :(

Next up we have the Awesome booth! Thanks to my husband and my Booth Babe/Helper Tori for all your help!  I could not have done it without you both!

Getting Ready for the Parade...

And a few photos of my kids with their life sized portraits...

And we did it!


My BlissWhitney Harlacher