Kason-6 months

Yesterday I had the pleasure of snuggling little Kason. Well snuggling and of course photographing. This little man melted my heart when I held him as he snuggled right in. Love.  Kason's Mamma, Arin had a "look/feeling" she was hoping for this session. We both really wanted to get that beautiful evening light peeking through and a more sweet mommy/son moment.  She picked the perfect attire for her including the awesome hat and Kason got to be a naked little man!  Nothing sweeter than these two.  We did start the session at the studio just to capture Kason and all his personality before we headed out to get our sweet moments.  I really love having ideas from my clients and then being able to interpret them in my Bliss way.  And sometimes as even Arin said during the session you just have to let the moments happen.  No matter how much you plan the session still needs to unfold just as it should.  Especially with kids!  Kason was Amazing and even though it was probably past his "happy time of day" you would never have known. I think he liked me :)  Or at least thats what I am going with. Thank you to Arin and Kason for letting me take this journey with you two.  I am looking forward to that album! Here are just a few of my favorites...Enjoy!