Sanow Twins are ONE!

As I always say the final piece of my baby planners is always both a happy moment and a bittersweet moment.  Its exciting that they reach a year and I can complete their album but at the same time....Im sad...A YEAR! Already? ha ha ha.  And now being a mom I see just how fast it really goes.  Dont worry I really am excited to work on my one year albums.  They are my happy place.  The Sanow Twins had their one year session and I was so excited for it. Their parents found the PERFECT location.  We had chatted about wanting a field of wildflowers for the girls.  Done. Perfect time of year. Perfect little location.  Ill admit I was thrilled that they did the dirty work for me by researching the location first. Made it that much better.  We also had a couple props to finish tying the year together.  Samantha brought an old antique rocking horse (beautiful!) and we had a bouquet of balloons (used balloons in the maternity session!).  Its fun to have a bit of a theme or "look" throughout the sessions so the book is even more complete. So Ill start by teasing....You know its going to be a GREAT session when this is how you start out...

And it wouldnt be complete without a little nose picking right?


Okay I am TOTALLY teasing the girls were actually fabulous for their session.  The top photo of Ellerie crying was too cute to pass up the shot. And really only lasted a minute.  And nose picking Esme? Entirely my fault and I will happily take the blame...cause its HILARIOUS.  I said "Esme...Where's your nose?" Well she showed me didnt she! ha!

I really have too many great shots...including the silly ones above that I HAD to post. Sometimes things just click. Excuse the pun. But the light was beautiful...the girls were beautiful...the location was beautiful. Makes my job super easy.  Just watch...and shoot. Congrats to the girls for turning one! And congrats to Samantha and Jon for surviving the first year! You both are amazing parents and the girls are so lucky to have you!  Looking forward to working on the book! Hugs and here are a few of my favorites!