Josh & Ciara...

I know Ciara has been dying to see her sneak peak. I must apologize to everyone who is patiently waiting for me to catch up. I promise I am doing my best to get everyone's images edited as quickly as possible. I should be caught up by the end of this week so hang in there with me. I am still working on Josh & Ciara's engagements so I will add a few more images to this post hopefully tomorrow (or wed). But to get Ciara and Josh excited here are two really quick ones that are ready to post! You guys are too cute! There are way too many good ones! I will get some more up soon......Enjoy for now!


Here are a few more images....These were all shot in Downtown Truckee California. What a great little town! It is where Josh is from so it was a great place for us to shoot. I love the funky downtown feel and the old town was perfect for that. We had a great time working with Josh and Ciara and are really looking forward to their wedding in MEXICO in feb! It is going to be awesome! Thanks to both of you for spending the day with us. The wedding day is going to be even better!

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