onOne Perfect Effects Review...(for photographers)

LOVE. Yup. LOVE.  I am a PhotoTools user and was actually protesting Perfect Effects. Mostly because I HATE learning new things. Especially when I am busy and like the tools I use already.  Dan kept telling me to try it and kept trying to show me but I would "half" pay attention (sorry honey).  Its best if he lets me figure it out on my time. And it happened. I got a wild hair this past week to open it up as I needed some new inspiration and new fun effects. I opened it up...and then I COULDNT STOP! LOL.  I was chatting Dan and showing him all the cool stuff I created. "Yes dear...I know what the effects look like. I made most of them," he said. But I couldnt help it.  I had a fashion shoot that I did and the results were amazing and I was actually having a hard time picking ONE I liked.  I think I needed a "Random" button so it would decide for me. Or give me fun options.  I am sure I will get some faves nailed down and I can already say I love a bunch of the Movie Effects and the Vintage ones.  The best part of the new software is the thumbnails across the bottom that show your image with the effect. I was hooked as soon as I realized that. Way faster to pick your effect and you dont have to spend a day going through everything and memorizing what you like.  With PhotoTools it showed a before and after but with a different image which was not really that helpful.  Here is a screen shot of the software:

The effects are in categories and then are alphabetical in each category. Makes it super easy for navigation.  If you click on an effect it will change your large image so you can see it. You can also scroll over the thumbnails and you will see a larger preview. You can make changes to any effect. Mask it out, changing the opacity etc.  Here is two before/afters that I did with just two clicks in Perfect Effects (SERIOUSLY!)

 If you havent purchased the new Perfect Effects download a trial www.ononesoftware.com.  AND if you decide to purchase you can use my coupon code "bliss" for a 10% discount.  Have a blast playing and make some awesome images.