Farthest Location Away from Home:

I know many of you took Pete/Patty on vacation with you but Germany was by far the farthest location. Thanks to the Pfeifer family for letting Patty see the sites!

Here is what they had to say:

Pancake Patty was very enthusiastic about being in Germany. That's why she chose clothing painted in the colors of the German flag, as you can see: black, red, gold. She loved that 1213 year old village Rimbach, that was first mentioned in historic records of 795 AD. So she couldn't resist climbing onto that village sign very close to my parents house after hiking in the woods. That's when Yara took this picture.

Largest Group of Friends with Pete/Patty:

Congrats to the Plummer Family!

Here is what they had to say:

Cheerleaders- Hannah and Patty are invited to join the squad!

Most Original Location:

Congrats to the Waddle Family! Love this location!

Here is what they had to say:

We decided to take Patty to Savannah, GA for Memorial Day weekend. She learned quite a bit of history while we were there. We took some pictures of her with Emma in front of the famous fountain in Forsythe Park(Midnight in the garden of good and Evil...ya know, the movie). Also took some pics in the historic district with the cobblestone backgrounds and a couple shots in front of the Irish settlers monument in the historic district as well. Hope you enjoy...we loved taking them and hanging out with Patty.

Most Creative Home Location:

Series of 4 images with story....

Congrats to the Reynolds Family!

Here is their awesome story:

I found a friend
Who came to play
When the postman brought
The mail today

She needed some love
And color and care
So mom got the markers
And yarn for hair

Her name is patty
And she came to play
When the postman brought
The mail today

My best friend mia
Just had to see
The new little friend
Who came to me

So to mia's house
We went to play
On her swingset is where
We played all day . . .

Then patty saw it
And ran right toward
The gross family's halfpipe
And coleman's skateboard.

"It was fun," patty said,
"You should come try it out."
So I grabbed my helmet
And headed down with a shout!!!

Then patty said, "I have had so much fun, you guys are awesome, but my time here is done."
So she hi-jacked mia's car
And waived goodbye.
She was gone in a flash
Mia started to cry.
Patty was wild but
We had a fun day.
The day that the postman
Brought patty to play.