Smith Girls

You may have already seen the post with the girls collage a few days back but I wanted to make sure they also got a little love with a real sneak peek post.  These girls are very special to me as they are the daughters of my best friend, Jamie.  I get the opportunity each year to photograph them for some Christmas photos. Its fun to see them grow in each session and to see their personalties. The joke is Kylee (the older of the two girls) has always been the girl who has made me work for her photos. She wants to be entertained or she wont smile.  And Avery....she does exactly what I want for a bit and then she is done. Its pretty funny and been that way since they were both babies!  Makes me wonder how much of a pain my little Lily is going to be at age 5? ha ha.  We will see.  The girls came up to Portland for their session and we were able to snag some fall looking pics right around the studio. It was the day before when the leaves just dumped right outside my door which made for a perfect backdrop for photos!  Thanks the the family for spending what was an important weekend with me! It made my day and taking photos was just bonus!