Family Snuggles

I was talking to Dan yesterday about how much I have been loving the family photos I have been getting lately. I have found a groove with capturing more Real Moments rather than just posed shots. I always try to get some candid shots but somehow lately I have been finding real happiness and warm fuzzies from the shots I am getting. I call it luck...And in a lot of ways it is.  Its being in the right spot at the right time and being able to work with your clients. The more I know my client the easier it is for me to get these kind of shots. They are more relaxed and I know what it is I am seeking.  I do take posed shots too...of course. But its these candids that really define who I am and what it is that I LOVE.  These are the shots I would make into Art for my clients walls and will decorate my studio with.  These are the shots I want people to hire me for. These are BLISS. Here are a few of my favorites from recent session. You may have seen them posted in previous posts but I wanted a post dedicated to Family Snuggles and Real Moments...

I have so many more I could post but this at least gives you an idea of my happiness! These family shots are MY BLISS!

Bliss FamilyWhitney Harlacher