Conner-Class of 2012

Feels crazy to write 2012! But it is indeed almost here and my seniors this summer are Class of 2012! Wow...I was really excited for Conner's senior session! A couple years ago I had the honor of photographing her family and I was counting the days till the oldest (Conner) was a senior!  While in Reno this last trip I had my opportunity!  We did a funky/Urban session for Conner in downtown Reno.  In the uh...not so nice side of town! ha ha.  But we survived right ladies? I might have had to run a few crazies off but hey all for a good photo.  I also have no fear...Cute scooter anyone? Lets see who it belongs too...Oh...Some dude in a bar. Just flash my smile and how can you say no right? Thanks to whoever he was for letting us borrow for a minute. Conner looked awesome hanging out on the adorable scooter! Conner...I had a BLAST taking photos with ya! Hope it was a Fun day for you as well! It was great to see you and your mom again!  Enjoy your sneak peek of a couple of my favorites!