Happy Birthday Dad!

Fifty. Wow. A milestone? I thought it was until I said that to my Dad. He thought it made him sound OLD. Isn't fifty the new forty? At least that is what I told him to try and make him feel better :) If you haven't figured it out already today July 19, 2008 my Dad turned the big 50! There was a surprise party (only sorta a surprise as he had already figured it out) in his honor held this evening but I was unable to attend due to some prior commitments. I did get to spend the morning with him where he made US breakfast (thanks for breakfast dad!) and then proceeded to kick my butt in bowling...Thanks again DAD....Although I was only letting you win since it was your birthday...I demand a rematch! Anyway...I wanted to give a little blog love to my dad. People were asked to say something nice about Dad at his party. Since I couldn't make it I thought I would write here so my dad could read it....So now that you have all the scoop here I go....


When I think of you I think of so many things its hard for me to put them on paper but I am going to try and explain what I see in you. One of the first things I think of when I think of you is your laughter...the BIG boustorious laugh that can be heard from miles away but is completely contagious (yes I have inherited your wonderful laugh...thanks for that) . I see you as the life of the party. I see your competitiveness but also you know when to fold em. I see how hard you work to provide for your family. I see your soft side and kind heart even though you act tuff. I see you in your office....with the biggest "organized mess" ever. If anyone touches anything you will kill them...because you know just where everything is. I see you as you live life to its fullest.

And then I see you there... watching me grow up. I see you teaching me to stand on my own two feet and to not take crap from anyone. I see you teaching me to be a hard worker and to be independent. I know that you are proud of me and the path I have chosen but more importantly I am proud to have you as my father and I don't think I have told you that enough. Parents always brag about how wonderful (at least I hope) that their kids our but kids forget to sing the praises back to their parents. It is because of you that I am who I am today. If anything I hope that makes you proud to have your children be one of your biggest accomplishments. I thank you today for everything you have taught me and the support you have offered me. I thank you for being my Dad. I wish you the happiest Birthday! I love you Dad! Hugs and Kisses!

*The cute photo is my dad age 1....wasnt he cute!*