Gracie is TWO!

My favorite age. As we chased Gracie around UNR I really started thinking about Why is it I love this age so much? I mean...Here I am running around trying to catch this girl who does not want to smile and is busy being two rather than paying any attention to me. And by the end of the session I am exhausted...So what is it I love so much? Well, its the personalities of this age and it is the chase that I love. Once I finish and I start editing the real reward is what I captured. That is the real love. No matter if the session is a piece of cake or the two year old makes me really work at it...I always manage to capture the personality of them. And when I nail that shot....that is where I get all the warm and fuzzies :) Gracie was no exception. I have been taking her photos since she was born (and even before with a maternity session). Each time is such a joy to see how much she has grown...she has a smile that makes you melt! Here are just a few of my favorites from the session. Thanks as always to the Manit family for bringing Gracie to see me. I enjoy working with you guys!