Chocolate Bar Anyone?

YUMM!!! I saw the sign and I was in the door! I LOVE chocolate...How could I resist. So in I went and had my fill of chocolate. Chocolate Coke and Chocolate fondue! I was extra sweet with all that chocolate. Have you guys every been to a Chocolate Bar? I have never even heard of one before? I am in Reno this weekend shooting and of course get to have a little fun after sessions. The Chocolate bar was first on my list. If you havent tried one I suggest giving it a shot. Ask for a chocolate coke :) It wasnt on the menu but I insisted on having one....and they made it delicious. The little bar was so cute inside so I snapped a few photos. If I do anything else exciting I will try to post some images....Otherwise stay tuned for some sneak peaks of the Reno Sessions.