My first official shoot in the studio today! Well...not totally official but sorta! My good friend Tom Stram came to see me today to talk a little shop (Tom is also a local photographer). He brought his 3 year old daughter with him for me too meet. All I can say is CUTE! Nothing like Tom (ha ha...just kidding Tom...I still love ya). I wanted to let Tom see the studio (which is still a work in progress...but its getting there) and since he brought me the most adorable subject ever I thought I would take a few minutes to feel out the new space. I dont even have lights set up yet...but I have a huge roll up door that faces north with the most awesome light streaming in. These images were shot in about 5 minutes with all natural light. I am LOVING the new space. I cant wait to play some more once we get things set. Thanks Tom for bringing Dawson to visit...Enjoy!