I have been torturing all of you! I didnt want to share until everything was finalized just in case......


This weekend we moved into a brand new studio space near Washington Square Mall! It is double the size of our old studio and is wonderful. Its been a long couple of days as we were moving and now organizing the mess :) We are also doing a bit of rebranding that is going to match our new style we are going to decorate the studio in. Those of you who saw the couch in a post below...that is the inspiration of the new decor. I spent most of yesterday painting (thanks to Connie for all the help!) and need to head into the studio to do some clean up today. We are planning an open studio day for fall and would love for you guys to come celebrate with us. I will be sending out invites for that late Aug....or sept depending on how long it takes the studio to be finished. If you want an invite be sure to email me so I can add you to my already growing list I am planning on taking photos (or at least one) but I want to get things a little more set before I do so....Hang in there for me!

New Address is:

Bliss Studio
7693 SW Cirrus Drive
Beaverton, OR 97008

Same contact info :)