NEW Product...Canvas Clusters

We are adding a couple new products to Bliss that I am very excited about. The first is a series of Canvas Clusters! A few of you have already ordered one for your wall and I can not wait to get them hung. Our first cluster was sold to a family that I Love in Reno. Baby Cavin needed something to go above his crib so I helped design a beautiful assortment of his images. This cluster includes 7 canvas gallery wraps ranging in sizes from 8x8 to 8x12. So adorable mini gallery wraps (these are not sold individually...the mini wraps are only sold in a cluster). While Dan and I were in Reno over the holiday we hung it up for the family.  This is an added perk to any of the cluster sales...we will hang them for you if you would like!  Here is an example of the Funky Cluster...Please excuse not so perfect quality of these photos I snapped quick shots with my iphone before we left their home! Thanks to Ciara & Josh for letting me share your Art!