Myles 1 year Session

I am sure some of you are beginning to recognize both Keeley and Myles. I have spent quite a bit of time with these two over the last year. We are working on a storybook album of Myles' first year. He has finally hit a year old! I shouldnt say finally as really I was stunned that a year had past already...Where does the time go? We drove to Washington for this session and shot near the McCord's home. Immediately following the session we stayed to celebrate Myles first bday! I will post a couple birthday party shots tomorrow. I have to note the shot with Keeley and the too big shoes! I had kicked off my flip flops as I was chasing after the kids and she managed to find them and decided to try them on. Little Keeley is a big fan of shoes and thought it was funny. I of course had to take a photo! Thanks again to the McCord family for the opportunity to take photos of your family. Cute kids make my job a blast!