Welcome Miss Avery Grace!

I spent most of yesterday in the hospital visiting with little Avery and her mom and dad. I was at the hospital at 7 am which is a bit early for me...But I crawled out of bed and arrived on time in my P.J.'s. Yes...P.J.'s (I am in the shot with the Hat in case you cant tell...thanks Tammy for taking the photo) Those who know me know I am NOT a morning person. But getting up that early was worth it....Avery was beautiful. She is the little sister to Kylee who is one of my best friends daughters (Jamie). So now I have two little "nieces". I love all the details and being there when a baby is born. I got to see her get her footprints and have her first bath. I was also there while her daddy got his initiation by having to change the first official dirty diaper. Jamie is doing great. She was a little sleepy after surgery (she had a c-section) but recovering well. Thanks to both Jamie and Dave for letting me be there to share in your exciting day...It meant a lot to me. And many hugs and kisses to my new niece Avery!