I am not sure how many people are looking at my blog? Or reading the comments? But I wanted to highlight a comment that was posted on the Iyulores Girls. If you scroll down a bit you should see their photos. I have also re-uploaded them on my previews. These little girls are adorable and I of course enjoyed shooting them! It warms me up to have comments such as these. This is one of the many compliments I get that reminds me why I LOVE my job....and everyday it is a Joy to come to work and help create memories for my very special clients! Thanks to all of you who make this possible! And thanks to Linda for your beautiful comment :)

Comment Posted by Linda Roberto:

It was a pleasure to see how natural and talanted you were during the photo shoot with my grandaughters, Leilani and Ilyssa Iyulores. Ilyssa is very shy and we did not think she would cooperate but your warm personality and pleasent smile won her over right away. Your work is incredible. Thank you for capturing their "moment in time".