Allen Family

I loved working with the Allen family. First Peyton was too adorable and was perfect for me...Second they brought along their dog Booker who was just as perfect for me. Really. Baby + Dog were fantastic. When Tracey told me she was bringing in a boxer I admit I stereotyped the poor guy. Boxers are generally pretty hyper dogs so I figured we would do what we could and then put him in the car while we finished the session.  Booker however had better ideas. He decided he would be the most Angelic dog and pose just like he was supposed to! I dont think he wanted to go sit in the car. He was perfectly content on hanging out with the family.  So what could have been a crazy session with a baby and a dog was instead FABULOUS! Thanks to the Allen's for coming to Bliss for your family session!  You guys rocked it for me! Here are a couple of my favorite images.