Little Sister Destiny Jo

Oh my goodness....My little sister is a SENIOR this year! 17 going on 30! I think I scared myself with these photos....She looks way beyond her years. I of course wanted funky, fun photos for her but she looks like she is in her 20's in some of these....Normally that would not bother me but this is my little sis we are talking about. Destiny got the royal treatment for her senior session. I have been taking Destiny's photos for years and we can get the most awesome shots. It helps that she is incredibly beautiful and has KILLER blue eyes (wish I could have got those blu eyes). I know I have posted a ton of photos of her but I LOVE all her shots so I couldnt help it. The shot with the "cheesy" grin is one of my favorites...I know she may not be too thrilled but that is a Whitney face. Anytime my husband puts a camera in my face that is the face I make for him. My sister and I look so different it was fun to see a little of me in there. Dest....I hope you enjoy your photos! You did such a good job modeling for me....But your not allowed to become a SUPER MODEL! You are ALL MINE! Congrats on making it to your senior year. Enjoy every minute! Love you!