By By 20's

Today is my 1st Anniversary of my 29th Birthday!  Well at least that was what I was told to say to avoid saying I was 30! Sounds a "little" better doesnt it?  I have officially crossed over to the other side and am trying to decide if I feel old?  I look in the mirror and I dont see a 30 year old girl staring back at me? Where the heck did time go?  Even though I was dreading this day (sorry but its true) I can look back and say I am very Thankful to be where I am today. When your younger, 30 always seems so far away but here I am waving goodbye to my 20's. The 20's were good years but I am ready to make my 30's even better.  We had a Mad Hatter UnBirthday Party this last weekend and I was very blessed to have so many friends and family come to celebrate. These images I am posting are the silly me enjoying our photo booth Dan set up for the party. Yes...I am in a silly costume. I was the Queen of Hearts :) We also played a funny game of "How well do you know Whitney".  I am going to post the fun questions just to see if any of you want to play?  You can email me your answers and I will tell you how you did.  I think 13 right was the record by Genny.  Hubby was right there with her but thought he knew me better than I knew me on a couple questions! ha ha.  So Cheers to 3O....If you have any advice or encouragement I am all ears!

"How well do you know Whitney"

1. What State was she born in? Extra Point: Name the City

2. In Whitney's "Childhood Years" she was crowned Miss Oregon. What was her talent?

a. Singing

b. Dancing

c. Gymnastics

d. Mime

e. Baton Twirling

3. What position does Whitney play in Softball?

4. What sport did Whitney play in High School?

5. What is Whitney's Favorite Breakfast Food?

6. How many places has she traveled outside the US? Extra Point: Where does she want to go next?

7. Where did Dan and Whitney first meet? Extra Point: Wedding Date?

8. What is Whitney's highest bowling game?

9. What was her first job?

a. Photographer

b. Buser/Hostess

c. Retail

d. Housekeeper

e. Babysitting

10. How many siblings does Whitney have?

11. What was the name of Whitney's business before it was Bliss Studio?

12. What body part would Whitney most not want people to touch? Keep it clean!

13. What famous person was Whitney in a pageant with?

14. What movie actor has Whitney met?

a. Brad Pitt

b. Chow Yun Fat

c. Charlie Sheen

d. Will Smith

e. Fred Savage

15. What is Whitney's Favorite Movie?

a. Pride and Prejudice

b. Pretty Woman

c. Sex and the City

d. The Proposal


My BlissWhitney Harlacher