Schott Family

I am so excited for this post! Little Carson is on the Bliss Baby Plan and we are working on his one year album.  This shoot was the final session for his book.  I like to have the last session be a family session and we have been planning this for the last 6 months.  We wanted an Urban Family session to complete the story.  We snagged the couch from the studio and took it to SE Portland. I have shot at the Brick Wall in these photos in the past however someone decided to decorate it with blue graffiti. Normally I like graffiti but at first I was a little bummed that my awesome brick location was not what I wanted.  But after a couple shots I decided that it was perfect and was thankful that they used BLUE! So instead I think the spot was decorated just for us!  Thanks to the Schott Family for driving up from you Eugene for your session. I am so glad we had a Beautiful Day! Here are my favorites!