Little Bliss Friends

I know this is a silly post but I could not help myself. We have a bunch of squirrels that wonder around my complex and are the BRAVEST squirrels I have even seen.  They come all the way up to my front door and "beg" for food...Like a dog! Its crazy.  They cause me to feel guilty when I dont have anything to give them. I think I need squirrel food? Whatever that would be? Any suggestions?  I tried to give this little guy chips but he was not interested. I am pretty sure if I had something he did like he would have took it from my hand. Dan said I gave him the wrong kind of chips...Doritos would have been better. However I dont think Doritos are good for animals? I mean they are not good for us right? Here is a couple photos that Dave Hutt took (I was busy trying to feed the squirrel chips) Thanks Dave!

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