Kurimoto Family

I just have to say what a wonderful family the Kurimoto's are! Dan works with Brent (first photo...far left) at onOne Software and we have spent some time with him and his wife, Becky.  Since we already knew part of the family I had a good feeling the shoot was going to be awesome. The path we photographed on is right by my studio and is typically used as a bike path. I of course had the wild hair brained idea that I wanted the green velvet couch brought out to the path.  That couch is NOT light. Well, maybe its not too bad but its akward to carry. Luckily Dan insisted that Brent was tuff so I had no fear...The boys carried it out of the studio, down the stairs and to the bike path (thanks boys!). It was just what I was hoping for. I love the shots we got on the couch! And hopefully we didnt make too many bikers mad...I shot quickly so we could get out of their way. Thanks Brent for sending your family our way! And thanks to all the Kurimoto family for coming to see us.  Here are a couple of my favorite images from their session.