Hogg/Talcott Wedding

We shot Sherree & Tim's wedding on May 20, 2006 in Reno Nevada. It was a blast. They had a western themed wedding and got married in a bar. I love any wedding that breaks the rules or is just plain different. It makes it so much fun for us to shoot. I have posted thier photos on our website if you want to take a further peak. Here is just a few of my favorite images. I also wanted to share the wonderful email I got from the bride yesterday :

I could never express in words how grateful we are for all you did!! We were just in awe last night as we looked over our pictures. We already knew you did great work, but never imagined our pictures would be that awesome. They're beautiful!!!! We have no idea how were gonna be able to choose the ones were gonna buy. I think I'm gonna need to get a small loan at the bank!!! :)
We love you guys!