I know I have been dropping hints of a Re-Brand of Bliss and its officially begun!  In creating a new look we have to start with the most important thing first...the Logo! Once the logo is complete the rest of the branding needs to tie in and seems to fall into place much easier. I know in a lot of ways I am just as much a graphic designer as I am a photographer.  However with a logo/brand I think it is important to hire a "Real" graphic designer to do it. I played with my new logo a bit figuring I could do it...why did I need anyone to help me?  But after days of not getting it just right....I finally gave in.  I wanted something more than I could do...Something more than I could even "see".  I had an idea of the look and feel I wanted but could not visualize what I wanted the new logo to look like. To begin the process I spent a weekend in Reno with our very own Portrait Consultant, Teri (and also my wonderful Mom) and we went on a branding search.  We visited favorite boutiques and stores trying to find things that said "Bliss".  I really want the studio to represent who I am and my personality.  Together we built a care package of misc goodies.  I had everything from paper to jewelry in my little package. I had textures, colors, patterns and anything that gave the feel of what I wanted. I am going to recommend creating a "Care Package" for your designer if you are wanting a logo or any other pieces designed for you.  It was the best thing I could have done.  Next I needed to find the best desinger I could as this was an important piece I was giving up and I needed to be confident that the person could put up with me! Just kidding...Once I agreed I needed a graphic designer I knew that I needed to give them my care package and then let them be creative! The graphic designer I hired is Cali with Jeca Designs ( I could not have been more pleased!  She took what I gave her and created a beautiful logo! In fact I was having a hard time choosing as I liked several choices she gave me. I finally had to have a little Vote on my facebook and then chatted with Cali and she narrowed it down to the final "Perfect" logo!  I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to Cali!  You created a beautiful logo for me and I am excited to continue with the rebrand!  Any of my photographer friends who are looking to get a logo (or a new logo) email Cali...she is the best! And finally...Here is our New Logo!

Stay tuned as I will be slowly changing the look of our blog, website and other goodies to match the new logo!